STARIUM Features in the Jewellery World Magazine

Kotins STARIUM ring over 15 years old

STARIUM’s remarkable evolution to a game-changing alloy

In a journey spanning over 19 and a half years, the jewellery industry braces itself for STARIUM, a revolutionary precious metal alloy.

STARIUM was crafted through the collaborative vision of master jeweller Hugh Gillbanks and geologist Kotin Ma, STARIUM blends pure white precious metals with the extraordinary element of Meteorite, setting a new standard for innovative jewellery materials.

In an exclusive interview with Mark Symes, STARIUM International Director of Operations at Starium, Mark unravels the alloy’s rise from its inception to market readiness.

Genesis and Inspiration

Over 19 years ago, Hugh Gillbanks and Kotin Ma envisioned a metal surpassing industry standards. Inspired by the audacious idea of crafting metallic beads from a meteorite. The duo set to create a high-performance alloy that seamlessly melded spirituality with unparalleled workability.

Mark Symes says, “The addition of meteorite gives the alloy additional benefits to jewellery manufacture as it behaves differently to pure palladium.”

The result was a celestial alloy with properties that set it apart from conventional metals in the jewellery market.

“In the current market where the cost of goods can be prohibitive, it was also important for us to create something that not only was unique and sentimental for the wearer but would be a more cost-effective option for the industry and consumer. For the consumer, the demand for white metals is still as strong as ever.

However, the cost implications of re-rhodium plate, white gold, or purchasing pure platinum could be a barrier. STARIUM comes in under the price of gold per gram ($98 per gram) and never requires rhodium plating for its white lustre, so it’s a brilliant alternative metal,” Mark adds.

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