STARIUM Jeweller Education v24

STARIUM The New Future in Precious Metals

Jeweller Education Video v24

0.00 – Demonstrating how to Cut STARIUM thick and thin – STARIUM cuts like any other metal whether it is thick or thin plate.

0:26 – Preparing for Polishing and Sanding

0:56 – Demonstrating how to Polish STARIUM

1:30 – Demonstrating results on Fire Burn with STARIUM

1:57 – Demonstrating how Fire Burn comes off by adding flux to the fire burn, warming up the metal till the flux melts then dipping in sulfuric acid.

2:45 – Demonstrating you can hammer STARIUM to any thickness you want.

3:15 – Melting STARIUM

4:37 – Rolling STARIUM to wire from the melted-down STARIUM. Showing how it can be rolled down to as thin as you want it to be.

6:00 – Cutting done the STARIUM that was just melted down to the size of the wire I need and how long I need it.

6:40 – Pulling STARIUM Wire Down

6:57 – Rounding STARIUM Wire

7:08 – Demonstrating the amount of Heat that can be applied to STARIUM without it melting. This is a big plus when doing fine jewellery

7:28 – Rolling STARIUM using any thickness of plate or stock gauge.

7:55 – Annealing STARIUM as it makes it easier to roll just like any other metal.

8:18 – Soldering STARIUM

8:46 – Demonstrating the durability of STARIUM