STARIUM Sustainability and Global Vision

STARIUM Necklace

STARIUM Features in the Jewellery World Magazine 2023

STARIUM Sustainability

One of STARIUM’s most significant contributions to the jewellery industry lies in its sustainability. In an era where ethical consumer choices are paramount, STARIUM presents an incredible solution. The dominant metal in the alloy is meteorite, which is found, not mined, making it an incredibly environmentally conscious choice for the ethically-minded consumer.

The alloy’s use of meteorite aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. STARIUM creates a path for consumers who seek elegance and durability in their jewellery but also a metal choice that reflects their commitment to environmental responsibility.

STARIUM Global Vision and Humanitarian Initiatives

Beyond its unique composition, STARIUM aspires to make a positive impact globally. Humanitarian initiatives include building cancer centres worldwide, building housing for Australia’s homeless, and donating $1 million a year to Destiny Rescue, an organisation that helps fight the sex trafficking of children, all are initiatives that STARIUM will aid in.

This commitment to social responsibility positions STARIUM as more than just a jewellery material. STARIUM is a catalyst for positive change.

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