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STARIUM Necklace

STARIUM Sustainability and Global Vision

STARIUM Features in the Jewellery World Magazine 2023 STARIUM Sustainability One of STARIUM’s most significant contributions to the jewellery industry lies in its sustainability. In an era where ethical consumer choices are paramount, STARIUM presents an incredible solution. The dominant metal in the alloy is meteorite, which is found, not mined, making it an incredibly environmentally conscious choice for the ethically-minded consumer.

STARIUM Challenges and Resilience

STARIUM Challenges and Resilience Story Features in the Jewellery World Magazine STARIUM’s journey from conceptualisation to market readiness was not without challenges. STARIUM stepped into the limelight in 2021, with an editorial in the Australian New Zealand Jewellers Magazine providing a tantalising glimpse of its potential. However, challenges persisted, including COVID-19, prompting the team to further refine the entire process before a full-scale industry launch.