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STARIUM Necklace

STARIUM Sustainability and Global Vision

STARIUM Features in the Jewellery World Magazine 2023 STARIUM Sustainability One of STARIUM’s most significant contributions to the jewellery industry lies in its sustainability. In an era where ethical consumer choices are paramount, STARIUM presents an incredible solution. The dominant metal in the alloy is meteorite, which is found, not mined, making it an incredibly environmentally conscious choice for the ethically-minded consumer.
Kotins STARIUM ring over 15 years old

STARIUM Features in the Jewellery World Magazine

STARIUM’s remarkable evolution to a game-changing alloy.
In a journey spanning over 19 and a half years, the jewellery industry braces itself for STARIUM, a revolutionary precious metal alloy.
STARIUM was crafted through the collaborative vision of master jeweller Hugh Gillbanks and geologist Kotin Ma, STARIUM blends pure white precious metals with the extraordinary element of Meteorite, setting a new standard for innovative jewellery materials.