What is STARIUM?


STARIUM is the New Future in Precious Metals

STARIUM is a new White Metal Alloy, containing a number of selective precious metals, resulting in a “non-tarnish” finish. This Alloy, which has been in the development process for over 15 years, is an exciting new commodity and is now ready to present to the Global Marketplace.

STARIUM Commodity Description

STARIUM – Created from a variety of precious metals, it is similar visually to Platinum in colour. It does not tarnish, so it keeps its brilliant lustre and shine.  The white alloy metal is very light in weight when compared to 18 carat white gold, and does not need to be rhodium plated, making it very attractive to the Jewellery Manufacturing, Industrial global marketplace, and consumers.

STARIUM Attributes

STARIUM – Final products made from STARIUM, do not ever need to be resurfaced, due to its unique ability to retain its natural, brilliant lustre and shine. It does not rust, is slightly harder than its opposition metals, is noncorrosive and highly resistant to general pitting and corrosion.

It heats up and cools down rapidly, making it very attractive to the jewellery market, and its melting point can reach extremely high temperatures of approximately 1800 degrees.

STARIUM Applications

At first glance it will be attractive to the Jewellery manufacturing industry, due to its unique ability to resist tarnishing and retain its lustre and shine, without ever needing to rhodium plate the piece.

Applications include but are not limited to: 

  • Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Bullion for Investment / Commodity trading
  • Battery Cells
  • Health & Medical Industry
  • Industrial Applications
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • Water Culture

STARIUM Competitor Analysis

STARIUM competitors would be the producers of white metals, (18 carat White Gold, and Platinum) within the global marketplace, however due to the uniqueness of the new white metal being non-tarnish its competitors are very limited.

STARIUM Goals and Objectives

STARIUM is a new White Metal Alloy, a creative, the first new metal to be created in over 100 years and new to the bullion market.

Our goals are to secure a worldwide target audience for this unique New White Metal Alloy. 

  • To build a network to distribute STARIUM to Wholesale and Retail Jewellers Market
  • To secure and commence wholesale production with an esteemed refinery
  • To create and build a stock base for STARIUM Bullion Bars to sell to investors
  • To put to trade on a Platform
  • To build a network to distribute STARIUM to Wholesale and Retail Financial Investors
  • To build a network to distribute STARIUM to Wholesale Military and Aerospace Industry Market
  • To build a network to distribute STARIUM to Wholesale and other Industrial applications

Our Objective is to build a team to market and engage with investors to enable the supply, creation, and distribution, to meet the target markets for the STARIUM, White Metal Alloy.

STARIUM Marketing and Advertising

The Company STARIUM, would like to specialise in the production, refining and manufacturing of this new White Precious Metal Alloy to supply products for banks, precious metals trading companies and industrial consumers across the globe.

Marketing and advertising are envisaged to be on a multi-faceted approach targeting the following: 

  • Wholesale Jewellery Industry and Retail Outlets
  • Investors and Financial Planners
  • Bullion Banks and Platform Traders
  • IT Industry products
  • Multi-channel Web, Social Media, Print, Television
  • Production Partners platforms to duplicate and expand upon


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